Jessica Jones Season 2 has been curiously quieter than Luke Cage, despite both currently filming in New York. Now, Twilight alum Leah Gibson has joined the Jessica Season 2 cast in a role that may just reveal one of our new big bads.

Variety reports that The 100 star Gibson has been cast in the series regular role of Ingrid, described as “street-wise but who also has an education as a nurse.” The part was also said to be “dark hair, attractive and edgy,” and “attracted to men and women,” with comic fans suggesting the role could be Daredevil villain Typhoid Mary.

For what it’s worth, Variety also alludes to that report, identifying Typhoid Mary as “an enemy of Daredevil who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. She has three distinct personalities, with ‘Bloody Mary’ and ‘Typhoid Mary’ being the more violent personalities. She also has a range of psionic powers, like telekinesis and pyrokinesis.”

Elsewhere of Jessica Jones Season 2, Damages and White Queen star Janet McTeer has been confirmed to join the Season 2 cast, in a role described as an “undisclosed character who will have an enormous impact on Jessica’s life.” Speculation has also placed Wil Traval’s Simpson back in the mix, while additional castings include series regular scientist Dr. Kirby, driven African-American male “Presley” and “artistic, paternal, smart” Latino male “Oliver.”

We also know that showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has confirmed an all-female director lineup for the next 13 episodes, with True Blood and Supernatural writer Raelle Tucker joining Season 2 to replace executive producer Liz Friedman. Rosenberg has also previously spoken to the possibility of featuring multiple villains, to fill the void left by David Tennant’s Kilgrave.

We’ll hear more from Comic-Con 2017 next week, so stay tuned for the latest on Jessica Jones Season 2.

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