I was today years old when I learned that there are jellyfish in Kentucky! I always thought you could only find these weird floaty dudes in the ocean. Turns out you can also find them in some calmer freshwater areas.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources recently posted about Kentucky jellyfish on their Facebook page, here's what they had to say:

JELLYFISH in KY! 👀YES, freshwater jellyfish are sometimes seen in the calmer waters of Kentucky's lakes, ponds, and rivers.

They are observed most often in late summer and early fall, floating just below the water’s surface. Though their tentacles have the same ‘stinging cells’ as saltwater jellyfish, they cause little harm as they don’t penetrate human skin!

While our team isn't currently studying freshwater jellyfish, the Center for Mollusk Conservation has a project underway investigating the impact of introduced Asian clams on native mussels.

Kentucky is full of WILDlife that needs YOUR SUPPORT! Join Kentucky Wild today to see how you can make an impact: fw.ky.gov/kywild

They say late summer/early fall are the best times of year to see the jellyfish. So if you're someone who enjoys kayaking or canoeing, keep an eye on the calmer waters, and you just may see some of these guys floating below the surface. If you do be sure to snap a photo!

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