Jason Statham is an actor of many dimensions. Sometimes he plays a guy who’s bald with stubble who shoots people. Other times, he plays a guy who’s bald with slightly more stubble who shoots people. These are the many moods, the many shades, of Statham.

I kid because I truly love Jason Statham movies. His is one of the most dependable brands in cinema. When his name is above the title you can be pretty certain that he is going to kick the crap of some dudes, talk very intensely in a gravelly voice, and blow a bunch of stuff up. You can set your watch to a Jason Statham movie.

His latest effort, The Meg, is slightly out of his comfort zone. He’s still bald with stubble, but instead of fighting the mob or crooked cops, he’s taking down a giant prehistoric shark. There’s even a little romance (with a human, not the shark) and Statham has some fun banter with a kid sidekick. It’s not your usual late August Statham thriller, but it gets the job done (and it gives him the rare opportunity to show up his competitive diving skills).

As a Statham connoisseur, I have noted with increasing amusement how little the man mixes up his schtick. In every movie, with very few exceptions, he looks the same, talks the same, moves the same.  And so I now invite you to take a quiz. Below are ten photos from ten Jason Statham movies; in every single one he is bald with stubble holding a gun. Can you figure out what movie each photo is from? Good luck and enjoy The Meg this weekend.

Click to Play “Name That Jason Statham Movie”:

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