It's always interesting to find out which of a musician's songs they love the most, especially when it's a band as huge as Led Zeppelin. During a chat on the Eddie Trunk Podcast, Jason Bonham revealed which Zeppelin song he believes is Robert Plant's favorite.

While Bonham was in Nashville working on an album with Sammy Hagar and The Circle, he got to spend some quality time with Plant that they hadn't had together in a long time.

"It was a very cool moment... You know we were talking about certain albums, and I've never sat and talked Zep songs with him because there's always been people around. But I said, 'What was your favorite song? What about this song? What about that?'"

"And he goes, 'What you have to remember is sometimes some of these songs bring back a time in my life that wasn't great. I was in a wheelchair after almost dying in a car crash at the time. So I was in pain.'"

As Plant recovered from his injuries, Led Zeppelin were preparing to start making a new album, so Plant did his vocals for 1976's Presence from his wheelchair.

"And he sang the way he did on those songs, so God bless him for that," Bonham praised. "His favorite was... 'Tea for One,' he still loves, and 'Achilles [Last Stand].' He said, 'If I ever play somebody something from Led Zeppelin... This is it. Listen to this, this is what we had.' He's very proud of that. So that was a wonderful thing to have."

The drummer said that no one from Led Zeppelin has actually gone to one of his Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening shows because they're based in England, but they've watched videos online of him performing.

Listen to the full podcast episode below.

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