What's in a look? For the last few years, Thirty Seconds to Mars' Jared Leto has sported a bushy beard worthy of a "king of promise." But it's time to say bye bye to the impressive follicles as Leto's other job comes calling. The Oscar-winning actor just posted a new video showcasing him shaving off his beard for a new role, and no, this doesn't appear to be a Claudio Sanchez fake out.

The clip opens on a can of shaving cream, shows a razor and then finds Leto bit by bit shaving off his beard, while seemingly having a blast checking out different facial hair looks before finally getting rid of the last bit. At least for now, it looks like his long flowing locks remain intact. Leto shaved off the beard for his upcoming role in Morbius. Watch the shaving video below.

Morbius follows the journey of Michael Morbius, the biologist who appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man comics and the '90s animated series. In comics lore, Morbius attempted to treat himself for a blood disease, inadvertently infecting himself with a form of vampirism. Little is known about the film as of yet, other than Leto's casting in the lead role and Daniel Espinosa being attached to direct the movie.

Thirty Seconds to Mars issued their America album earlier this year, supporting the disc on the Monolith tour. While the movie career is about to start up again, Leto does have a handful of radio festival dates in December to finish out Thirty Seconds to Mars' touring year. There are also a pair of Euro festival dates scheduled for next July. See the band's touring plans here.

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