If you're going to Nashville anytime soon, this place needs to be a stop on your trip!

Last month my husband and I went on our annual Christmas Nashville trip where we go see a Predators game, and spend some time in music city.  However this year I had one stop on my list we HAD to go to, I wanted to go to Third Man Records.

Jack White's Grammy on display at Third Man Records (Melissa/103GBF)

Third Man Records has been around for years, and is owned by the one and only Jack White.  I finally got the chance to stop in, and holy moly. I could have spent all day in Third Man Records looking around, there was so much to see, and some cool things to do too. They have an old school vinyl listening booth, a refurbished Voice-o-Graph recording booth where you can record yourself directly onto vinyl, and a machine called a Wax-O-Matic (more on that in a second).

While we were looking around the store, and digging through some of their vinyl it was really cool because several musicians came in and would record themselves in the Voice-O-Graph booth, so we got to listen to music while looking around.  We ended up picking up a few things like a new turntable mat, and of course some vinyl.  We ended up picking up the White Stripes Icky Thump, Tenacious D's Don't Blow it Kage (which was recorded at Third Man and was the project Jack white and Jack Black hinted to last year), and we got a Reggie Watts live at Third Man Records album, which was recorded during his live show at Third Man Records a few years ago.



Oh, and I used the Wax-O-Matic to make a molten model of Jack White's 1964 Montgomery Ward Airline guitar, because I couldn't go to Third Man and not use one of their cool machines. My little guitar model now sits happily on a speaker next to my turntable.


It was such a cool store, and is officially at the top of my to-do list each time I go to Nashville, so if you've never had the chance to stop in, I highly recommend it!

Sorry i don't have a bunch of photos from inside the store, there were quite a few people there, and I wasn't trying to be "that" tourist. However trust me when I say, it is so freaking cool in there.  There's so much to look at, and you've just got to stop in and experience it!

I did snap this cool photo of some of Third Man Records turntables! They did a really cool turn table with Shinola that is just AMAZING, but at $2,5000 it unfortunately was not able to come home with me (it's on the bottom left of the photo below).


If you get the chance to stop in Third Man Records, you'll have to let me know your thoughts!

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