One of the biggest teases of 2020 was hearing from Kelly Osbourne that The Osbournes could have potentially made its return if it weren't for the coronavirus. Jack Osbourne has even considered the possibility of the family moving back in together for two months in order to film it.

Though Covid-19 has just about crippled everyones' plans for the time being, that doesn't mean the rocker series won't still make a return when all is said and done. "I would be lying to say the conversations haven't been coming up recently," Jack told Variety in a recent interview. "I think nostalgia is such a huge, hot-button word right now. You look at all these shows coming back from 20 years ago."

As for the fact that the family don't live together the way they did in the early 2000s when it aired, there are potential solutions. "One thought I’ve had is, why don’t we all just move in together for two months?" Osbourne suggested. "It’s 20 years later; we’re all moving back into the house together."

Obviously, there is no timeline for when creating a new series could take place, as there is no timeline for pretty much anything right now. But once the pandemic ceases, Osbourne joked that there would need to be a pretty hefty offer on the table in order for him to actually entertain the notion of doing the show again.

"I guess when someone pays me a hell of a lot," he said. "Because the amount of therapy I’m going to have to buy into after that is going to be monstrous."

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