For the record, this pizza survey is only referring to national chains. If most people feel the same about these pizza joints, our local pizzeria owners have no competition.

Survey Says...Indiana Chains Are Crusty?

According to, a survey of pizza lovers ranks the top 5 worst pizza chains in America. We have the entire top 5 right here in Evansville. Here's the thing: surveys can be subjective. What one person considers "cardboard crust" might be another's perfect base for a mountain of toppings.

Have you heard the claim that breadsticks and cheese sauce are a uniquely Indiana duo?  Let's take a look into why that is.

photo: canva indiana pizza
photo: canva indiana pizza

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Local Legends vs. National Chains: The Great Pizza Showdown

Southern Indiana is blessed with some phenomenal local pizzerias. I'm talking secret family recipes, hand-tossed dough, and that "feels-like-home" atmosphere. But national chains have their own perks: convenience, familiar flavors, and maybe even that nostalgic childhood experience.

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Here are the Top 5 Worst Pizza Chains in America (According to the Survey:

5. Pizza Hut
4. Papa John's
3. Domino's
2. Little Caesar's
1. Chuck E. Cheese


Let's Be Honest: We ALL Have Our Pizza Preferences

Maybe you crave a deep dish from that national chain with the catchy jingle. Perhaps an una thin-crust veggie supreme from your favorite local joint is your go-to. The beauty of pizza is its versatility! Here's my motto: support local businesses when you can, but don't knock a good chain slice if it hits the spot.

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This survey shouldn't stop you from enjoying your favorite pizza, national or local. So next time you're craving a cheesy masterpiece, consider this:

  • Support Local: Give those hometown heroes some love!
  • Explore the Chains: Maybe there's a hidden gem hiding in a national chain's menu.

Let's celebrate all things pizza! And remember, folks, the only bad pizza is the one you don't eat.

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