Originating from the nexus of Louisville, Kentucky's Nulu neighborhood, you will find the best cookies in the entire country.

USA Today's 10 Best

USA Today has a cool way to find out what we, the people really like. This time around we had the opportunity to name our favorite cookie shop. The field was narrowed down to the top ten.

The Number One Cookie Shop in America is...

Please & Thank You has been baking up cookies and brewing its own coffee for over a decade. Owner Brooke Vaughn is basically a snack-time superhero. When COVID shut restaurants down, she came up with a plan to keep her team employed. They started delivering cookies and serving out of pick-up windows. Now, Please & Thank You cookies are in select Kroger stores, and there are four brick-and-mortar shops in Kentucky, and one in Indianapolis.

Photo by: canva amazon please and thank you
Photo by: canva amazon please and thank you

Dear Amazon, Please Bring Cookies

If you can't make it to one of the Please & Thank You locations, don't worry, you can have them delivered.

 This is what USA Today had to say about Please & Thank You:

It’s impossible to look up any Louisville travel guide without this cookie cafe popping up on the list. And there’s a reason for that: Please & Thank You’s chocolate chip cookies are often named the best in Kentucky. Soft and gooey on the inside and slightly crisp around the edges, they’re made from a secret recipe that took the shop’s owner over two years to perfect.

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