The next time you finish a meal, I want you to pause before you throw away any uneaten food. Believe it or not, many common kitchen scraps hold the potential for a fresh and free bounty! This article explores 15 foods you can easily regrow from scraps, transforming your throwaways into a sustainable source of homegrown goodness.

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I'll be the first to admit that I have not always been responsible when it comes to wasting food. I would have no problem throwing away a whole plate of food if it was something I didn't enjoy eating or if it had been left sitting out too long. I can honestly say that I never once thought about keeping any of those scraps to grow more food, but I'm starting to see things a little differently these days.

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As prices continue to rise on everything (and yes I mean every single thing), people are being forced to make adjustments in just about every area of their lives. The price of gas, for example, is forcing folks to reevaluate how much they drive, which can have a direct impact on the food we buy.

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Below is a list of 15 foods that can be regrown from scraps (thanks to, and I'm sure there are more than that. So just think twice before throwing away those leftovers - you might be able to save some cash with that trash.

15 Foods You Can Regrow From Scraps

Don't be too quick to throw away the foods below when you are done with them. Hang on to those scraps and start growing some new ones. [h/t:]

Gallery Credit: Bobby G.

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