The National Weather Service is still studying the thunderstorm and tornado outbreaks that caused damage across the Tri-State.

One For The Record Books

Tuesday, April 2, 2024, is one date that many of us will remember for a long time. The first wave of tornado warnings began just after 5 am. Schools in the Southern Indiana area made the smart decision to cancel classes because of the forecast of more storms throughout the day.

PHOTO: Jamie Nicole Bealmear
PHOTO: Jamie Nicole Bealmear

Thankfully, no injuries or deaths were reported during the storm outbreak, but plenty of residents will be clearing debris and fixing damaged roofs for a while. At one point, nearly 23,000 Centerpoint Energy customers were without power. Some folks endured freezing temperatures, dealing with the power outage for the rest of the week.

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National Weather Service Preliminary Reports

The folks at the National Weather Service in Paducah Kentucky will be studying the April 2, 2024, storm outbreak for a while. There were at least 17 tornados confirmed in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Two tornado tracks merged, twice. There is probably a book somewhere where that is documented to have happened before, but safe to say it is not something that happens often.There have been 17 confirmed tornadoes so far. 7 of those are EF-2's and 10 are EF-1's. This is the most number of tornadoes in a single event in our forecast area since Halloween 2013 (19 tornadoes that day). We have additional damage surveys that may go into next week so this number likely will still rise.

See the complete summary of storms and the path of damage from the National Weather Service.

PHOTO: Jeff Minnis
PHOTO: Jeff Minnis
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Vanderburgh County Debris Drop-Off

If you have tree limbs to get rid of, there will be a drop-off location beginning Tuesday, April 9. It will be located at the front baseball field opposite the main entrance of Burdette Park. The service will be offered free of charge to Vanderburgh County residents.

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