Evansville, Indiana has a population of around 120,000, and the area is expected to have 80,000 people staying in the city for The Great American Eclipse. Like many other states in the path of totality, Indiana is now under a State of Emergency for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Indiana Declares State of Emergency Effective Immediately

Governor Eric J. Holcomb signed an executive order to support the anticipated needs of Indiana’s emergency response, transportation, communication and critical infrastructure systems due to the expected high-number of visitors traveling to the state to view the total solar eclipse. The executive order will allow Indiana to utilize resources from other states who are members of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC). Once a governor issues an order, EMAC members can and will share equipment and communications systems to help support state resources to ensure the safety, care and welfare of residents if an emergency event occurs due to such a large event.

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 Vanderburgh County Sheriff Noah Robinson

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PHOTO: explore evansville eclipse path
PHOTO: explore evansville eclipse path

Update From Explore Evansville:

If you were around Evansville for the 2017 eclipse, you might think that it would be the same thing this time around. Nope. For the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, our region is in the path of totality. Some areas of the country that did have totality in 2017 experienced chaos with traffic and everything else that comes with thousands of visitors in one day.

Alexis Berggren President & CEO and Kate Reibel Director of Marketing & Development with Explore Evansville:

Pro Tip: If you have friends and family planning to stay in the Evansville area, make sure they call hotels directly for the best pricing.

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 Here are the specific lengths for totality between 2:01 PM-2:03 PM CST

  • PRINCETON 3:54
  • NEW HARMONY 3:54
  • MT VERNON 3:30
  • DARMSTADT 3:26
  • NEWBURGH 2:30
  • HENDERSON 2:30
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