The French Lick Scenic Railway located in French Lick, Indiana has some really neat train events for all ages. By far, the most popular event is centered around the holiday favorite The Polar Express.

The POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is an amazing way to create so many great memories with your family. Even if you can't get tickets, just walking around the area, taking photos, and checking out the exclusive Polar Express merchandise will get you in the holiday spirit.

The special Polar Express event is only around for 53 days between Nov 1, 2024 and Dec 23, 2024.

Peter Kramer/Getty Images
Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Isn't it a Little Early for Holiday Talk?

Hey, I know that it isn't even Easter yet, but guess what? All of the 2024 POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride tickets at the French Lick Scenic railway are already SOLD OUT! Sometimes the hotels in the area have special promotions with tickets for the train excursion, but I have not come across those anywhere yet.

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If You Just Believe...

Santa might be holding a very special surprise for us. The French Lick Railway shared a little tease about something that the elves have been working on behind the scenes. Now, what is this Big Announcement? For now, only Santa knows, but we can be the first to know what the big exciting plans are on Tuesday, March 12th at 9 am CENTRAL / 10 am EST.

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