Nate Templeton opened Joe Brewski with one idea in mind: To serve you coffee where you're at. This concept not only means that they will deliver and cater coffee, but also serve you the coffee you actually want.

Not a Bougie Brew

I will be completely honest, when I first heard about Joe Brewski Coffee, I pictured a hipster coffee vibe. You know, the kind of shop that has a complicated menu and then you just ask for plain, because no one is going to explain the different blends to you. After watching the video of Joe's Origin Story, I can say that I was very wrong with my perception of the business.

Photo: joe brewski coffee
Photo: joe brewski coffee

Build a Better Brewski

Joe Brewski's owner Nate Templeton shared a very difficult post on social media this week, pulling the curtain back, and talking about the challenges of being a small business owner.

Of course, to stay in business, you need to be profitable. We've all seen Shark Tank. If you say that you are not profitable, everyone is out, unless they see potential. Nate knows that if he were to close his storefront in Downtown Evansville, he would be profitable. The wholesale and catering part of Joe Brewski is the money maker. But closing his storefront means missing out on the relationships with customers, and the crew would be affected.

Photo: joe brewski coffee
Photo: joe brewski coffee

Here's How We Can Help

In the very open and honest post, Nate would like the community's input about the coffee business, and how he can serve everyone better. You can fill out this online form, and give them some feedback to work with.

10 NW 6th St Evansville, IN
Open 7a-4p Tuesday-Friday
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Deadline to Save Joe Brewski:

May 11, 2024 will be the day that the Joe Brewski crew makes the decision on how to continue the cold brew coffee business.

1. Is there something that would be missing from your life without Joe?
2. Is there something WE are missing, and how can we best serve you?

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