Unlock Big Wins and Make a Difference: Easterseals All Cash Raffle 

Are you ready to make a profound impact on the lives of local individuals with disabilities while also standing a chance to win substantial cash prizes? Look no further! The Easterseals All Cash Raffle is here, and the excitement is off the charts.

PHOTO: EASTERSEALS all cash raffle sponsors
PHOTO: EASTERSEALS all cash raffle sponsors

Grand Prizes Await: $25,000, $15,000, $5,000, and More

This year, the Easterseals All Cash Raffle promises not just one, but FIVE lucky winners. Brace yourself for the grand prize of $25,000, followed by the second prize of $15,000, and the third prize of $5,000. But that's not all – there are also two fourth and fifth-place prizes of $1,000 each! It's a golden opportunity to win big while contributing to a great cause.

 Affordable Tickets for a Worthy Cause: $50 Each or 3/$100

Participating in the Easterseals All Cash Raffle is easy on the pocket. Tickets are available at $50 each, or you can grab three for just $100. The best part? All proceeds go towards funding early education and therapy for children and adults with disabilities across 30 Tri-State counties served by the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center.

Secure Your Tickets Now

Purchase your tickets by calling 812-437-2600. If you prefer an in-person experience, visit the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center at 3701 Bellemeade in Evansville, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cash, check, or debit card – choose your preferred payment method. *NO CREDIT CARDS

Ticket Sales EXTENDED – Only 5,000 Tickets Available!

Ticket sales have been extended for ONE WEEK until March 20, 2024, or until tickets are sold out, to provide the community with additional time to participate in the raffle and support the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center!

With a maximum of 5,000 tickets in circulation, your odds of winning have never been better! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity.


Mark Your Calendar: March 22, 2024 – Prize Drawing Extravaganza

The excitement culminates on March 22, 2024, at noon, with the prize drawing at the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center. While the drawing is not open to the public, you can catch all the action on the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center's Facebook page. Remember, you don't have to be present to win!

Easterseals Success:


Evan Carter was born with severe to profound hearing loss. He entered a silent world, but that soon changed thanks to Easterseals services YOU make possible!

Get In on the Action: Support, Win, and Thrive!

Don't just watch from the sidelines – be a part of this incredible initiative. Support the Easterseals All Cash Raffle, stand a chance to win big, and contribute to a cause that transforms lives. For more information, call 812-437-2600 and be a beacon of hope in your community.

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  • Must be 18+ and a U.S. resident to participate.
  • Drawing is March 22nd at noon (not open to the public, but watch live on Easterseals Facebook).
  • Indiana raffle license number 002228

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