Remember back in the day when we were taught that sharing is caring? Well, it's 2024 and sharing is considered stealing by some companies. 
Costco's Quarterly Earnings Beat Expectations
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The next time that you walk into Costco, don't be surprised if you are asked to scan your membership card to ensure that it really belongs to you. TikTok content creator @mikeschubert1 shared a video from a Costco location in Washington that recently installed new membership card scanners at the entrance.
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Another TikTok video from @butthatsmyopinion is going viral explaining how the new scanners work.

PHOTO: tiktok | canva
PHOTO: tiktok | canva


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If this test works out, I'm sure that more Costco locations will implement the new entrance policy. Currently, non-members are allowed to purchase prescriptions at the Costco pharmacy. I'm not sure how that will work with the new card scanners.

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Visits Costco Warehouse
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  • Members are welcome to bring children and up to two guests into the warehouse; members are responsible for their children and guests.
  • Children should not be left unattended. Only Costco members may purchase items.
  • Costco reserves the right to inspect any container, backpack, briefcase, or other bag, upon entering or leaving the warehouse and to refuse entry to anyone at our discretion.
  • To ensure that all members are correctly charged for the merchandise purchased, all receipts and merchandise will be inspected as you leave the warehouse.

Washington Shoppers React To Costco's Newest Policy Change

Here is what social media is saying about Costco's new change in Washington that requires shoppers to scan their cards to get in.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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