The folks at the Children's Museum of Evansville (cMoe) knew this transition was possible for quite a while. That possibility became a reality following the results of the recent Evansville Mayoral race. You see, the museum's current (soon-to-be former) Executive Director, Stephanie Terry, won the election and will be the next mayor of Evansville. That is awesome news for her, and that means some necessary changes are coming to cMoe.

Facebook/Stephanie Terry for Evansville Mayor
Facebook/Stephanie Terry for Evansville Mayor

Museum officials announced that Nathan McCullough-Haddix will serve as Interim Executive Director for the Children's Museum. The Board of Directors has created a search committee to find a candidate to fill the position permanently.

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Who is Nathan McCullough-Haddix?

Nathan has over nine years of nonprofit experience, including serving as Deputy Director for the Children's Museum for the last five years. Before coming to cMoe, he held leadership positions at FOX 7 WTVW, CBS 44 WEVV, and Give a Dog a Bone where he gained extensive experience in staff management, community and relationship building, and customer service.

cMoe Board President, Will Cartwright, has this to say about their decision and the future of that position...

The Board is thrilled to have Nathan step into this role, while we search for the new Executive Director. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated leader who is passionate about cMoe’s mission. We also want to thank Stephanie for her 13 years of dedicated service as Executive Director of cMoe. We wish Stephanie the best of luck and look forward to working with her as she steps into her new role as Mayor.

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What's In Store for cMoe's New Executive Director?

The next Director will have the opportunity to finish the museum’s Play it Forward Capital Campaign. Under Terry’s leadership, the public phase of the campaign was launched in September with 5.1 million dollars raised towards its 6.5-million-dollar goal. The first exhibit improvements are scheduled to occur in late 2024.

(Information courtesy of the Children's Museum of Evansville)

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