Evansville Regional Airport has welcomed a new airline to its lineup. Breeze Airways will begin service to Florida this week.

photo: canva FL IN
photo: canva FL IN

Why Another Flight to Orlando?

I have seen this question asked on social media after the big announcement from Evansville Regional. Yes, Allegiant offers flights into Sanford, Florida which is basically Orlando-adjacent. I have utilized this flight more times than I can count. Every time, I think about how much more convenient it would be to fly directly into Orlando.

PHOTO: google maps
PHOTO: google maps

The Sandford airport is a lot smaller and easy to navigate, but you do have to account for travel time and cost to the hotel you are staying in. My family and I have also flown into Flordia very late, but we were able to check in to our hotel with an app, and restaurants and delivery services are open late in the tourist cities. You could even stay at the hotel inside the Orlando airport.

 Breeze Airways, the U.S.’ only NLCC, or ‘Nice Low-Cost Carrier'

“We are excited that Breeze Airways has chosen Evansville as their first Indiana city, and we look forward to partnering to expand and further enhance air service options for travelers in the region,” said Nate Hahn, EVV Executive Director. “Breeze’s entry into EVV is a testament to solid community support and more passengers choosing to Fly EVV First, along with a culmination of strong partnerships and the airport’s dedication to airline success.” “Indiana is committed to building vibrant communities, and welcoming Breeze Airways to the state will advance regional assets and quality of life across the greater Evansville region,” said Mark Wasky, SVP and special counsel to the Indiana Secretary of Commerce at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. “Breeze’s new route will increase business and leisure opportunities for Hoosiers while paving the way for continued community and economic development in Evansville and across the state.” “Breeze’s focus is on connecting underserved markets, adding nonstops between cities without existing service,” said Breeze Airways’ President Tom Doxey. “As we introduce service from Evansville, we’re proud to bring an affordable and convenient new travel option to Florida.”

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