The water parks are open. The pools are open. The lakes are open. Summer is unofficially here, and our minds are drifting toward the water.

So how far are you willing to LET your mind drift? Without a doubt, there is a perfectly fine swim lake or public pool nearby, wherever you might be. But how much more fun would it be to hop in the vehicle, hit the road, and make a weekend out of hanging out at one of these wonderfully satisfying Kentucky swimming holes?

Moss Creek Day Use Area -- Land Between the Lakes

You have to start with LBL when you're talking about swim getaways in Kentucky, and Moss Creek will fit the bill if that's what you have in mind. This is from a while back, but the same vibes apply.

Gabe's Branch Falls

Since there is NEVER anything wrong with a waterfall being present at your favorite swimming hole, Gabe's Branch is absolutely worth the Harlan County in eastern Kentucky for a long weekend getaway.

And now comes the bonus (or not, depending on your tastes.) You'll start at the Harlan Campground - Putney Trailhead and hike to the falls. But you might also want to include a little off-roading in your adventure.

Breaks Interstate Park*

No pun intended, but we're "breaking" away from the lake/swimming hole vibe here. We're also "breaking" away from Kentucky, despite the headline. But that's okay; Breaks Interstate Park is a FAVORITE of eastern Kentuckians who don't mind crossing the state line into Virginia. And yes, it's just over the state line. In addition to all the fun experiences you'll have there--and there are plenty--you can also enjoy the Breaks Interstate Splash Park.


Have a great summer.

White Water Rafting at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky

This summer, we decided to go on our first real family adventure - white water rafting. There is a white water rafting tour about four hours from the tri-state at Cumberland Falls. Run by Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort, the tour lasts about six hours. It includes an up-close meet and greet with the falls, plenty of swimming, rock jumping, a riverboat ride, and lunch! Check out photos from our adventure.

Gallery Credit: ASHLEY SOLLARS

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