I can honestly tell you that I don't know what I look forward to more at a cookout--the meat or the baked beans. And if SOMEONE doesn't bring baked beans, then SOMEONE has committed a party foul.

I have loved baked beans my entire life. Yes, I get teary-eyed when someone bakes their own, but I'm just as happy popping open a can and putting some in the microwave. I'll even eat them cold...WELL, room temperature, let's say.

When I return to east Tennessee, I'm making a beeline for Dandridge, and then just WATCH me sob at the sight of a gigantic can of Bush's Baked Beans.

Now, let's find out WHY there's a gigantic can of Bush's Baked Beans in the Great Smoky Mountains. (And yes, there ARE no beans in that can, but I'd still tear up just the same.)

It's very simple. That's where Bush's Beans are manufactured, and you can even tour the facility. Best of all, it's free to visit. As Jay Bush might say to his buddy Duke, "Roll that beautiful Bush Bean factory tour footage."

Okay, before I got any further, I have to spotlight something I saw in that video. Long about the 3:25 mark, he goes over the menu. Eventually, we see this, and I had to single it out:

Adventure Is Out There via YouTube
Adventure Is Out There via YouTube

Having different varieties of Bush's Beans on the menu as side items is not a surprise. That they're in the restaurant's chili isn't either. (I bet it's amazing). But pinto beans in pecan pie? I guess every section had to have a Bush Bean representation. I get it.

I also get that I missed a wonderful opportunity the last time I was in the Smokies. Now I'll know better, and I'll be ready to answer the question, "Have you BEAN to the Bush factory in the Smokies?"

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