This is an incredible opportunity and ten local firefighters just got it. The Owensboro Sister Cities and Regions Board has created a "groundbreaking" Firefighter Exchange program with a city in the Czech Republic. Olomouc is Owensboro's sister city and local representatives from the Owensboro Fire Department, Daviess County Fire Department, Airport Sorgho Fire Department, and the Fire Academy of Kentucky are headed there to visit.

Owensboro and Olomouc have enjoyed a 30-year relationship as "sister cities." This is the first time that this type of exchange has taken place between the two municipalities. The local entourage will be spending a week in Olomouc and will be participating in "shared learning and training experiences."


Owensboro Sister Cities and Regions board member Katherine Zbořil says, "Our main goal for this exchange is to help save lives." Firefighting crews from Owensboro and Olomouc will mutually share their operations and procedures with each other. The delegation from Daviess County will tour fire departments in Olomouc and be introduced to Czech training programs and best practices.

Of course, there will also be enough time for our delegation to experience and enjoy Olomouc's (and Prague's) vast cultural offerings as well.

Here's the list of representatives heading to the Czech Republic from Daviess County:
Chief James Howard (OFD) Chief Jeremy Smith (DCFD) Assistant Chief Eric Coleman (DCFD) Robbie Grief (The Fire Academy of Kentucky, Jackson Fire Department) Captain Trey Davidson (OFD) Lieutenant Ted Johnston (OFD) Lieutenant Lucas Bullis (ASFD), Firefighter Pavel Zbořil (DCFD) Firefighter Dustin Staves (The Fire Academy of Kentucky, ASFD), and Firefighter Jenny Johnson (ASFD).

Jenny is proud to be the only female in the delegation and chatted about getting ready for the big trip.

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