Here's some exciting and healthy news for senior citizens living in southern Indiana. Newburgh Fitness, in Warrick County, just announced plans to offer seniors FREE gym memberships and those memberships are available immediately. Here's how they are going to work.

Newburgh Fitness is offering senior citizens who are 65-years and older FREE 3-month gym memberships. Those memberships include 24-hour access to fitness equipment, free exercise classes, and access to world class personal trainers, who can design age-appropriate fitness plans and workouts for you.

The free classes mentioned include yoga, spinning, and dance. There's also a slate of classes specifically tailored to senior members.

Newburgh Fitness owner Bill Fulkerson says, "A gym membership is a great way for seniors age 65 and up to get fit and stay active."

He adds, "We've cultivated a judgement free place for seniors to stay active and connect with other seniors and maintain healthy social relationships."

Newburgh Fitness is a 24-hour key access gym in Newburgh, Indiana that offers a massive 9,900 square foot facility with a variety of new state-of-the-art equipment, amenities, personal training and group classes.

Newburgh Fitness
Newburgh Fitness

Newburgh Fitness is located at 4944 Old Indiana 261, Suite 3.

If you're 65+ and would like more information on securing your FREE no cost and no obligation 3-month membership, you can call (812) 858-8300 or you can get more info and take a tour when you stop by the visit the facility.

The free membership period is available from May 1st through July 31st, 2024.

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