Because of two incidents when I was a child, I was scared to death of Bigfoot. We were staying at a motel in Texarkana AR while on vacation. When we went to breakfast before hitting the road, we saw a bunch of shotguns leaning against a rail and bloodhounds tied to it.

We'd heard those dogs all night but didn't know they were being used to track something large several locals had reported seeing throughout the night. They were calling it the Fouke Monster, something from Arkansas folklore but, for all intents and purposes, their version of Bigfoot. And that legend remains alive and well almost 50 years later.

Soon after, a Bigfoot sighting was reported on Fairview Drive in Daviess County, but no one ever REALLY knew what it was. But I was a kid, and I believed it was the big fella, himself.

Kentucky has had enough of such reports that there's a website devoted to sightings in every county. lists 12 encounters; the Fairview sighting is at the bottom of the list.

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On St. Patrick's Day of this year, a man was driving on Highway 146 near Pendleton KY, saw some movement near a bunch of barrels, and slowed down thinking it was a deer. Here's his story:

I have never had what I thought was a Bigfoot encounter, and I'm on the fence about whether or not I want that to happen. (But I think I lean toward "yes.")

But I do know this. Bigfoot or Sasquatch or the Fouke Monster--whatever you want to call him--is one of the most enduring legends in American AND Canadian history. And I will never be able to say 100% that he doesn't exist.

The opposite is also true.

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