I can't speak highly enough about the locally-owned restaurants I've visited in Paducah; I've never been let down. I can't speak highly enough about the city itself. For a town of just over 26,000, it sure feels a lot bigger...but also charming, the way small towns should be.

New Food Network Series Will Spotlight Paducah

And it seems the word is out about the culinary delights one can discover in Paducah or the Food Network wouldn't have earmarked it for a new series premiering April 12th called Best Bite in Town.

Produced by Food Network superstar Guy Fieri and hosted by Noah Cappe, Best Bite in Town will feature two-person teams investigating the local food scene in towns worldwide. Fieri admits that mega-hit Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives can't get to all the places where great food can be found, so we have sort of an extension. But it will also feature a competition element.

Once host Cappe and his Bite Club sample all the "best bites" the weekly traveling foodies present to them, they will nominate three dishes to present to a panel of judges. The winner will be named...you guessed it...the Best Bite in Town.

These Paducah Restaurants Were Selected for Best Bite in Town

I'm primarily excited because one of the Paducah restaurants chosen for the series is Branch Out, a vegan joint and one of our favorites. I'm very happy for them.

These are the other restaurants Food Network will feature on Best Bite in Town.

Artisan Kitchen

Cork Room

Gold Rush Cafe

Starnes BBQ

Strickland's Seafood

Right now, I'm cheering for Branch Out because it's the only one on the list we've visited. Of course, all that means is we need to get busy and get our butts back to Paducah. There's phenomenal cuisine to consume.

Best Bite in Town will premiere on Food Network on Friday, April 12th at 8 PM Central.

[SOURCE: WPSD-Paducah]

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