The phrase "fork in the road" is normally used to describe a road that splits into two or a choice one makes in life.  One Kentucky town has taken it, well...literally.

Franklin, Kentucky Fork in the Road

Kentucky has a some pretty amazing scenery. You'll see rolling hills, natural bridges, mountains, forests as you travel across the state. If your journey brings you to south central Kentucky, you may encounter a rather punny landmark.  In Simpson County, there is a giant literal fork in the road located at 1430 Uhls Rd. Whether you like weird roadside attractions or just need a cool pitstop on a trip, it's worth taking a moment to check out.

Who is Responsible For the Giant Utensil?

At the bottom of the fork, you'll notice 2018. That's the year that Franklin-Simpson High School’s senior welding students made the 21-foot, 680 pound project. According to a feature in Kentucky Living, their teacher Jeremy Loveall works with each senior class on an epic public art project that will give the students and community something to look back on and enjoy for years to come.

Some of their other projects include horse sculptures made of horseshoes, a space capsule with a red light on top and an alien inside, and the Locks of Love Tree where people can visit and add a lock with their significant other to represent their lifelong commitment to each other.

Where's the Rest of the Place Setting?

You may be wondering "Where's the spoon and knife?" Well, the spoon may be a future project, but you can find a knife that was made by the 2021 class of Franklin-Simpson. It is the world's largest at 24-feet tall and is in the Blackjack Sculpture Park. I guess the students' art projects have become so popular, the town has created a special place for them to live.

As for the fork, it even has it's own Facebook page! Next time you're close by, stop and take a picture and enjoy the quaint town of Franklin. Just one of the many awesome places in the Bluegrass state.

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