Growing up, some of my favorite memories were from the school bus. When a new girl, Alicia, moved to the area in third grade, I was excited that she rode my bus. We sat together in the mornings until we convinced upperclassmen to take pity on us and give us a ride. In the afternoons, things were a little crazier. I remember we had this great bus driver named Terry who was kind of a rebel. On Fridays when he felt froggy, he'd get going and accelerate up a hill so that school bus would be like a giant yellow rollercoaster. Our stomachs would go into our throats and it was the best feeling.

When we got old enough to drive it was all over and another generation of school bus kids got to experience the thrill of the bus. Growing up, I never thought riding the school bus would be a luxury but due to school bus driver shortages, not all school systems have enough busses for all students.

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For the past few years, EVSC has felt the sting of the national shortage and has used the lottery system for school transportation. In a 2022 interview, EVSC Chief Communications Officer, Jason Woebkenberg said that they first focus on elementary-age kids and special needs students. The EVSC website also states that students whose residence is more than one mile from their respective elementary school, one and one half miles from their respective middle school and two miles from their respective high school are eligible for EVSC bus transportation services.

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Bus Driver Application 2024-25

If you would like for your child or children to be considered for transportation in the EVSC district for the 2024-2025 school year, the first step is to fill out an application. It is clear that there is no guarantee that they'll get a spot on a bus.

How to Become an EVSC Bus Driver

    •  Fill out an application online by clicking here or at the personnel office.
    • Contact the bus office at 435-8263 once you have filled out the application to schedule an interview.
    • During the interview, we will go over the steps in becoming a school bus driver.
    • You will then be trained by one of our certified trainers.
    • Once trained, we will put you with veteran drivers to increase your knowledge and allow you time to feel at ease in driving

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