I will be the first to admit that if someone were to scroll through the camera roll on my phone, they would find very little variety. Typically, when I'm reaching for my phone camera, it is to capture one of my doggos doing something adorable or because the sky looks beautiful. I will stop whatever I am doing to take a photo of either, honestly.

Melissa Nelson
Melissa Nelson

Recently, I have taken my love of the sky a step further by practicing painting it using various acrylics and watercolors. There is just something about the sky, whether that be the shapes of the clouds or the burst of colors and light, that is so intriguing. Whether I'm painting it or catching a quick photo, I can't ever let a good sky view go to waste. And it turns out, I'm not the only one.

Indiana and Kentucky Cloud Watchers

Managed by WHAS11 in Louisville, the Kentucky/Indiana Cloud Watchers group on Facebook brings together professional and amateur photographers for one simple purpose: showing off photos of the beautiful skies we are privileged to see here in the tristate.

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For some lucky contributors, their photos could be featured during a news broadcast or on the station's Facebook or Instagram pages. Aside from the sky in all its glory, there are photos of the moon that will make you wonder how they even caught. Not to mention, whenever there is severe weather, the cloud photos are absolutely unreal. From sunsets to magical cloud formations, Kentucky and Indiana residents feature the states' beauty with just the click of a camera.


Lucky for us, Kentucky and Indiana provide endless opportunities for stunning views of the sky. The number of amazing photo shares are never-ending in this group, but I compiled a quick gallery to showcase some of the spectacular views that people all over the tristate have captured and posted. Check it out!

Cloud Watchers Facebook Group Highlights Stunning Tristate Skies

The Kentucky/Indiana: Cloud Watchers Facebook group, run by WHAS11 Louisville, allows residents around the tristate to share their captivating images of clouds and the sky.

Gallery Credit: melissan

Southern Indiana Photographer Captures Hoosier Birds

Southern Indiana Photographer, Ron Harper, captures photographs of native birds that are both stunning and almost magical. His photographs showcase the natural beauty of the birds in our neck of the woods. From action shots in midflight to beautiful portraits, these photos will give you a new appreciation for the feathered wildlife in Indiana.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Nelson