There are so many great attractions in Illinois but it's hard to see them all because everything has gotten so expensive so here's a list of free days for some of the best places.

10 Top Illinois Attractions With Free Days

# 1 Adler Planentarium - Chicago

I've only been there a couple of times and it's been a while but I remember having a lot of fun.

  • Wednesdays 4 pm to 10 pm (Illinois residents).

# 2 Field Museum - Chicago

I've taken advantage of the free days there. They used to do them on Sundays and sometimes I would stop in before Bears games because it's right next to Soldier Field.

  • Wednesdays (Illinois residents).

# 3 Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago

I would say it's my favorite zoo and I have so many great memories.

  • Every day for everyone.

# 4 Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago

Even if you're not big into art, it's still an amazing place to visit.

  • Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays (Illinois residents).

# 5 Chicago Children's Museum - Chicago

We would take our daughter there all the time when she was young. I highly recommend going if you've got children.

  • Last Thursday of each month.

# 6 Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago

I was just there a couple of weeks ago for their annual "Christmas From Around The World." It's a family tradition that I look forward to every year.

  • They haven't officially announced them yet but don't worry there will be several opportunities throughout the year. I suggest following them on social media for when they give out the information.

# 7 Shedd Aquarium - Chicago

One of my family's favorite attractions to visit in Illinois.

  • There are many free days so check out the full list, HERE.

# 8 Chicago Botanic Garden - Glencoe

It's a very unique, calming, and beautiful place to visit.

# 9 Chicago History Museum - Chicago

The museum is definitely under the radar but it covers some great history of the Windy City.

  • Several days are available so check out the full list, HERE.

# 10 Brookfield Zoo - Brookfield

Another attraction that I have many fond memories of.

  • Many dates to choose from so the list is HERE.

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