Understanding the leading causes of death in Illinois provides valuable insight into the health challenges faced by residents and underscores the importance of lifestyle choices, medical advancements, and public health initiatives.

Illinois Mortality Rates


As we navigate through life, many of us are more attuned to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not just for ourselves but for our families as well. Whether you're focused on exercise, diet, mental health, or preventative care, knowing what impacts our well-being the most is crucial.

As a Type 2 diabetic, I stay very proactive as my disease, while being complicated to manage, can also lead to many of the death-causing diseases on this list.

In Illinois, the health landscape reflects broader trends seen across the United States, with chronic diseases and preventable conditions playing significant roles. While some causes are inevitable, others are influenced by the choices we make daily.

By understanding these leading causes of death, we can better tailor our health strategies and support one another in making healthier decisions.

Here's a closer look at the top 10 causes of death in Illinois, based on the latest available complete-year data from 2022.  This information not only highlights the primary health concerns but also serves as a call to action for better personal and community health practices.


This knowledge is a crucial step towards ensuring a healthier future for ourselves and our families.

Top 9 Causes of Death in Illinois

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According to the latest complete numbers (2022) from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

9. Influenza/Pneumonia

2,011 deaths

8. Kidney Disease

2,916 deaths

7. Diabetes

3,463 deaths

6. Alzheimer's Disease

4,111 deaths

5. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

5,251 deaths

4. Stroke

6,672 deaths

3. Accidents 

7,597 deaths

2. Cancer

23,456 deaths

1. Heart Disease 

26,781 deaths

Visit the CDC website for the Top 10 leading causes of death in every state.

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