You can eat a plain old burger just about anywhere you want.

A lot of those plain old joints don't even force you to get out of your car.


Then there are burger restaurants that require patience and sometimes a reservation.

A list of the World's 25 Best Burgers by the Burger Dudes features one restaurant in Illinois that requires a bit of both.

I've seen and heard of lines wrapping outside of the restaurant and down the block with people waiting to try one of the world's best burgers.


In case you're not sure what I'm talking about, the name of the restaurant is Au Cheval.

It's packed and slowly becoming a Chicago institution. As in, if you're going to The Windy City and want a burger, that's where you go.

The Burger Dudes feel the same way:

We just love their classic Double Cheeseburger with American cheddar, pickles, onions, and dijonnaise. The experience delivers an exceptionally beefy flavour, complemented by the creamy cheddar, well-balanced dijonnaise, and crisp pickles. The patties are bursting with intense flavour, tender texture and impeccable seasoning. And the thick bacon provides a delightful buttery saltiness that elevates the burger to new heights.

If your mouth isn't watering after having read that description of the burgers at Au Cheval, you're one of two things:

1. You don't like burgers

2. You just ate

Fwinei on TripAdvisor says "The place is absolutely flipping amazing. Whatever the wait's worth it." but Mgarlan123 has a different POV, "Really don't get what the hype is about this place. Super disappointing and I heard another diner say the same thing on his way out."

See it for yourself at 800 West Randolph Street in Chicago.

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