It's crazy to think human trafficking really exists this day in age.  What's worse?  It's happening way too often in Illinois.

For the longest time, I was terrified to be alone in public places.  Always afraid someone was watching or following me so they could exploit me.  Not the best way to live - in fear all the time.

In every part of the world, some sort of "modern day slavery" happens.  It's extremely scary to think about, especially as a woman.

What is modern day slavery?

"define modern slavery as when an individual is exploited by others, for personal or commercial gain. Whether tricked, coerced, or forced, they lose their freedom." []

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I don't know how people have the heart to be in this dirty business.  Seeing people as objects, toys, and things to easily manipulate is insane to me.

Human trafficking has been around as long as humans have existed.  Today, there are so many different forms of slavery.  From child slavery, to forced marriage, to debt bondage, people are trapped in some way, shape, or form.

What is human trafficking?

"Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery that occurs in every state, including Illinois. Statistics show that Illinois ranks in the top 10 nationwide in human trafficking cases." [charliemeier]

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Watch Out: Human Trafficking Is A Major Problem In Illinois

Illinois ranks #8 in the top 10 nationwide in human trafficking cases. In 2021, the National Human Trafficking Hotline identified 243 cases in Illinois, with 355 victims reported. 

Fun fact: there are so many airports and highways in Illinois that lead to other parts of the country that it's so convenient to transport victims to other places with ease.


What ranked higher than Illinois? You'll be surprised.

#7: Georgia

#6: Ohio

#5: Michigan

#4: New York

#3: Florida

#2: Texas

and at #1.... California.

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Here's a guide to recognizing sign of human trafficking of any kind.  Refresh yourself and be safe out there.  You never know who is watching and can never be too careful!

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