Bring your money, your purse, wallet, a loan, whatever you have between your couch cushions because you're going to need it.

Based on what I'm hearing though, it might be totally worth clearing out your savings account just to get a meal at this place.


I'm not saying eating here is the price of a vehicle or home but it might set you one or two payments back. It's that dang pricey.

Cheapism took a look at 14 of the Most Expensive Restaurants in America and found out one of the most costly is in Illinois.

Weird though, this place isn't really considered a restaurant but more of an experience.


Alinea is not a restaurant — "at least, not in a conventional sense," it's been said...If you ask those who've paid $465 for Alinea’s most expensive tasting menu, they might say dinner here is something like an interactive magic show — decorative objects around the room turn out to be edible, waiters inflate taffy candy with helium, and diners are asked to tour the kitchen, only to find the dining room has transformed when they return. "I feel that we have to perform in a theatrical manner; it has become our personality," chef Grant Achatz told the Chicago Tribune.

That sounds incredible but is $465 really the cost? says "Yeah, so, depending on the dining room you opt for and the date and timing of your visit, you're looking at between $210 to $265 per person...As an option, wine pairings range between $145 to $395 per person. It can be a bit pricey but trust me, every penny is worth it!"

Think of eating at Alinea like going to a show, like a movie or a concert or a stage play or musical.

One thing you don't hear about is how difficult it is to get into Alinea for dinner. They are usually booked very far out in advance. If you're looking for a table, try to make reservations "on the 15th of the month 11 am Central Time, two months in advance" per

Alinea is located at 1723 North Halsted Street in Chicago.

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