You will need to descend about 400 feet below ground to enjoy this unique boat ride.

Bluespring Caverns

Located in Bedford, Indiana is Bluespring Caverns. You could spend all day experiencing all that Bluespring Caverns has to offer.  Of course, there are caves to explore, underground kayaking,  and even a boat ride on the underground river (more on that in a minute). Above ground, there is a park with gorgeous hiking trails, a picnic area, a visitors center, and even gem mining.


America's Longest Navigable Underground River

Okay, how have I lived in the Hoosier State my entire life, and I had no idea our state was home to the longest navigable underground river?  There's a unique underground river that you can actually take a boat ride on.  The electric boat ride will take about an hour, and during it you'll get to not only enjoy the underground river, but you'll see quite an array of cave wildlife.


Myst'ry River

Perhaps the most popular attraction of Bluespring Caverns is the Myst'ry River.  What makes this river unique is you have to descend about 400 feet below ground to get to it, and the length of the river.  Myst'ry River is known as the longest navigable underground river in the entire United States.

Bluespring Caverns is a natural wonder. Our hour-long boat tour allows you to explore and experience the majestic underground. Passages and water-courses are illuminated by the pocket of light that follows your tour boat through darkness.

Glimpse elusive cave creatures.

  • Rare, blind cavefish
  • Blind crayfish in constant search for food
  • Spotted red-orange salamanders
  • Solitary bats hanging on a high ceilings
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If you're interested and exploring Myst'ry River and all that Bluespring Caverns has to offer, you can check it out here. 

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