Amazing smoked meat covered in BBQ sauce, delicious sides, and more can be found at Indiana's best BBQ joint. Think you know what it is?

Indiana isn't one of those states known for their BBQ like Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, or Alabama for example. However, the Hoosier state is packed full of great BBQ restaurants. As you know, when it comes to BBQ dishes, there's a lot to choose from. You've got pulled pork, pulled chicken, ribs, brisket, and more. My favorite BBQ dish, however, happens to be burnt ends. Give me some of those with some mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, with some sweet tea to wash it all down with, and I am in heaven.

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The food website, Taste of Home, somehow found the best BBQ joints in each state. When it comes to Indiana's they are known for my favorite BBQ dish, so I feel a road trip coming along soon.

This is the Best BBQ Joint in Indiana

According to Taste of Home, the best BBQ joint in all of Indiana is Bombers BBQ in Munster and another location in Crown Point. Unless you live in or have traveled to that area, you might not know anything about Bombers BBQ. Man, this place looks amazing! Everything from the appetizers to the dessert has my mouth watering looking at their menu.

Here's what Taste of Home says about Indiana's best BBQ joint:

Burnt ends are the specialty at <span class="MARK-THIS">Bombers BBQ</span>, which boasts that all of their meats are smoked a minimum of 15 hours. The staff is particularly friendly, and visitors should be prepared to be bombarded with military paraphernalia—it’s their entire motif.

What do you think? It looks awesome, right? But do you think it's the best BBQ joint in Indiana? Well, all of that is subjective to what you like, but I think this place is worth the try!

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