As mosquito season in Indiana nears, here's a little tip on how to repel them with an common item found in your kitchen.

Mosquito season for us here in Indiana kicks off in April and runs through September. That's when the temperature and conditions will be just right for these pests. So that means that we are about to see those bloodsuckers a lot more within the next few weeks. I don't know about you, but I always have a BAD mosquito problem in my yard. I can't even walk outside for two minutes without having to swat those pests away. It's a nuisance that nobody wants to deal with, and trying to get rid of them is a challenge too.

Maybe you have tried citronella candles while sitting on your patio. That helps some. Perhaps you have lemongrass or peppermint plants in your yard to help keep the mosquitoes away. Somehow it seems that they are all only so effective. If you're like me and you have a bad problem with mosquitoes in your yard, you might want to give this little hack a try.

Keep Those Coffee Grounds!

There's a post that went viral on Facebook last year, and it claims that your coffee grounds will help keep mosquitoes away from you while you are outside.

Who knew that your coffee grounds would keep those dreaded skeeters away from you? I sure didn't. After seeing this post, I did a little more digging, and as it turns out, it's true. So, as you can see, the post above says that burning your coffee grounds will create smoke to keep mosquitoes away. However, you don't have to burn them to get the benefits.

According to Mr. Mister Mosquito Control:

Since coffee grounds have such a pungent and intense smell, mosquitoes do not like to come near it. Mosquitoes are repulsed by all types of coffee, whether it is fresh, used, or burnt.
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The article does say that the most effective way to use coffee grounds for mosquito control is by burning them, as it creates a stronger aroma. That being said, just having the fragrant grounds in a bowl on the table or sprinkling them throughout your yard will help too


Fortunately, you do not have to use a special type of coffee grounds for mosquito control. Any brand or type of coffee works as long as it is unflavored. Mr. Mister Mosquito Control also has a few tips on how to use coffee grounds to deter mosquitoes away that you might want to look into too.

So, don't toss out those coffee grounds until you give this life hack a try. Oh, and if you want to find some other ways to keep the skeeters away, we also have a couple of other hacks that you can try to keep mosquitoes away. These include a DIY mosquito trap idea that you can try out, as well as a DIY beer mosquito repellant. Plus, the type of body soap that you use can keep mosquitoes away. That's a lot of handy information to keep in your back pocket for mosquito season in Indiana!

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