As it turns out, Kentucky isn't so popular among its residents and with others.

Most people typically take pride in where they come from. Sometimes there's a little friendly (or not-so-friendly) rivalry between states, where people say this state is better than that state for whatever reason. Then you have people who really don't like the state that they live in. Whether it’s job opportunities, cost of living, or recreation some states just don’t stack up. One recent survey made it their mission to find the most hated states in America, and as it turns out, Kentucky is one of them.

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Recently, the website, Zippia looked at 3 metrics to determine which states are the most hateable:

  • The percentage of residents who say the state is the “worst possible state to live in”
  • The states with the biggest decrease in population
  • Nationwide, the number of other states who say they hate a state the most

Using these metrics, they found that Illinois is the most hated state in the country. However, Kentucky found itself in the top 10 most hated states. So, let's find out why.


Kentucky Ranked as One of the Most Hated States in America

According to Zippia, the tenth most hated state in the country is Kentucky. Why? Well, many residents don't like the state for whatever reason, and apparently neither does its neighbors. Here's what Zippia said about Kentucky:

<p>Population Decrease: -0.02%<br />% Of Residents Who Say It’s Worst State: 6%<br />States That Hate It: 2</p><p>When you think Kentucky, you might think strong bourbon and fast horses. However, Tennessee and Indiana just think, “Those guys suck.” They aren’t alone, though. 6% of people in Kentucky get what they mean.</p>

So, do you think Kentucky is justified as the tenth most hated state in the country? You can take a look at where the other states landed by clicking here.

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