The Indiana Department of Transportation announced new lane closures heading to Highway 41.

Road Construction

There's no denying that road construction can cause quite a headache.  But it's important to remember all of this construction is just more progress being made in our city. I know when we're in the thick of construction all over the place, it's hard to look on the bright side, but one day our roads will be much better because of the construction (eventually).


One way to help make road closures and lane restrictions a little less stressful is to plan ahead.  If you know a road or a lane will be closed on your route you can plan to take a different route.  The Indiana Department of Transportation just announced some new closures heading to Evansville this weekend, but this news is accompanied with a big intersection reopening.

Indiana Department of Transportation Announces Alternating Lane Closures

If you've traveled on Highway 41 lately, you've probably noticed a pretty large intersection closed at 41 and Virginia, and the good news is that closure is set to reopen this weekend.  However, there will be alternating lane changes coming to that same area of Highway 41.

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Here is what INDOT has to say about the upcoming changes:

 The Indiana Department of Transportation announces the re-opening of driving lanes of U.S. 41 in Evansville and the closure of passing lanes.

Beginning on or around Saturday, March 23, crews will re-open the northbound and southbound driving lanes and shoulders on U.S. 41 in Evansville between Diamond Avenue and the Lloyd Expressway. The current closure at Virgina street will also re-open.

At the same time, the northbound and southbound passing lanes and inside shoulders of U.S. 41 will close. This lane closure represents phase 1B of the project to improve the roadway between Diamond Avenue and the Lloyd Expressway. During these lane closures crews will remove guardrail and install temporary pavement. This phase of the project is expected to last through the end of April, depending on the weather.

You can find the full bulletin with information from INDOT, here. 

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