My wife and I have been throwing around the idea of getting some chickens for a number of years now. Having just moved to a house in the country, now looks as good a time as any to get some birds in the backyard for farm-fresh eggs. While doing some research on how to care for these animals, I recently learned just how important Indiana is to egg production. But that isn't all. I also learned how one Hoosier community is home to the world's largest egg.

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According to My Indiana Home, Indiana ranks number two for egg production in the nation. In 2022 alone, the state produced a massive amount of nearly 10.8 billion eggs. However, there is one town in the state that sets itself apart from others when it comes to celebrating egg heritage. Atlas Obscura says that a giant concrete egg marks Mentone, Indiana, as the "Egg Basket of the Midwest."

The giant monument was created in 1946 and currently sits at the edge of Mentone. The egg weighs in at around 3,000 pounds and was created by local tradesmen to promote the community's annual "Egg Show." There is still a festival held every year, and I just might have to put this one on my travel list. Here is what the Mentone Chamber of Commerce says visitors can expect from this year's festival:

The Mentone Egg Festival for 2024 will be held on May 30th, 31st, and June 1st! The three-day event features entertainment, games, food, a parade in the downtown area, a play area for kids, and a huge car, truck, motorcycle & tractor show. All entertainment events are free. Flea markets and crafters line the main street in our downtown.

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Whether you like your eggs scrambled, fried, poached, or even deviled, I would imagine you could get a taste of each in this Midwestern egg capitol of the world. Sure, it may be a bit of a drive, but how many people can say they've seen the world's largest egg? Despite Mentone being a four-hour drive from my house, I still think it could be an egg-cellent experience. (I'll see myself out.)

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