Whether you want to float leisurely down a river or play on a floating obstacle course, there's something for everyone at this hidden paradise.

Summer Fun

Who doesn't love a nice getaway without having to drive super far?  I love to take a long weekend and go somewhere within a three-hour radius of the Tri-State and spend a few days relaxing.  Recently I learned about a campground that isn't too far from Evansville, and it sounds like the perfect place to get away and relax for a few days. There are cabins and campsites, but of course, the main attraction is all of the fun water activities they offer.



Hidden Paradise Campground

Located in St. Paul, Indiana which is a small town southeast of Indianapolis, between Indy and Cincinnati, is a campground that is quite literally a hidden paradise.   On the website, Hidden Paradise is described as a "water lover's paradise" and when you see all of their amenities, you'll agree!


From lounging on an intertube and floating around or climbing on inflatable obstacle courses, this place has everything you could want to cool off in the summertime.

Hidden Paradise Campground is located on 80 Acres with 183 RV Sites and 6 Cabin Rentals. Truly the water lovers paradise, Hidden Paradise Campground surrounds Dream Lake, offering “Water Fun” in a designated swimming area within the Quarry highlighting a Floating Trampoline with obstacle course. And a series of lounging devices; Along with Swimming of course! Fun for the whole family! Please refer to our rates page for pricing. Sorry no cliff diving.

Kayaks are available for exploring the Flat Rock River, or rent a Paddle Boat to explore the Dream Lake.  Adding to our Paradise is fishing in the Flat Rock River that runs along the North side of the Park.

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Hidden Paradise is truly a "hidden paradise" and is about a 3 hour drive from Evansville.  Renting a cabin and spending a weekend here sounds pretty perfect!


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