One Hoosier dad is known for taking Halloween to the next level, and now he has an adorable tiny sidekick.

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Michael Myers of Decatur Facebook/Canva
Michael Myers of Decatur Facebook/Canva

Michael Myers

The world was first introduced to Michael Myers when Halloween was released in 1978, and we've all been obsessed with the masked boogyman ever since.   In fact, Michael Myers has become such a Halloween staple that you can find a literal wall of Michael Myers masks at the Nick Nackery, so you can portray any version of Michael you want (sidenote they have an entire room of masks if you aren't feeling Michael this year, this is just one wall).


One Indiana dad has gone viral in the past for his Michael Myers portrayal, and this year he's bringing an adorable tiny sidekick along on his shenanigans.

Michael Myers of Decatur

A few years ago an Indiana man went viral for his portrayal of Michael Myers.  Actually, what makes the videos so funny is his wife's reaction to his antics while dressed as Michael Myers.  Every year the videos of Michael Myers of Decatur creep up around the Halloween season, and they seem to get bigger and better each year!

This year there's been a new addition of a mini Michael Myers who is joining his dad along on his spooky shenanigans.  While this certainly isn't the first time one of his kids has portrayed a miniature Michael Myers in the videos, this mini Michael seems to have really taken the role of Michael Myers and made it his own.

This video where mom comes home to mini Michael in the yard in front of their new 25-foot Michael Myers blow-up is so funny!

I also love this one where little Michael Myers goes out to scare the workers across the street, and he isn't exactly menacing haha!

Michael Myers of Decatur has become one of my favorite Halloween traditions and I can't wait to see what else they come up with before Halloween 2023! You can follow along on all their masked mayhem by searching Michael Myers of Decatur on your favorite social media platforms.

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