It's the holiday season and houses all around the state of Indiana have decked the halls with their Christmas decorations both inside and out. Of course, the tree is up, stockings are hanging from the fireplace, and at some homes, Christmas lights aren't only for the tree. Many Hoosiers like to string colorful lights on the outside of their homes to celebrate the season. But some of us take it even further by decorating our vehicles with all sorts of Christmas-themed flair. However, are you breaking state law by covering your car with the spirit of the season?

What Indiana Law Says About Decorating Your Car for Christmas

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The short answer is, no. There is no law in Indiana that specifically says Christmas decorations, or any other holiday decorations for that matter, are illegal to have on your vehicle. However, that doesn't mean you can go crazy and do whatever you want.

What Indiana law does prohibit is any modification to your car that could make driving it a safety hazard for you or other drivers. For example, windows can only be tinted so much and you can't have any "stickers, signs, posters, sunscreens, or other nontransparent material" that would make seeing the road and your surroundings difficult.

How to Safely Decorate Your Car for Halloween

So, as long as you're not putting things on the windows or windshield, you can go crazy with your decorations (again, as long as what you do doesn't make driving the vehicle hazardous for you or other drivers).

Amazon and other retailers offer tons of Christmas decorations for your car like this reindeer decoration kit:

Or, this oversized Santa hat:

If you prefer to keep the outside free of decorations but still want to have a little Christmas spirit, there's this Christmas-themed gearshift jacket:

How to String Christmas Lights Around Your Vehicle

Some Hoosiers go all out when decorating their vehicles by stringing working lights all around the outside. If you've seen someone driving down the road with their car lit up like, well, a Christmas tree, and want to do the same to your car, but aren't sure how, this video will take you through the process.

Have fun and happy holidays!

[Source: Indiana General Assembly]

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