This unique event is one history buffs and true crime fans will not want to miss.

Evansville, Indiana

According to Evansville.Gov Evansville was founded in 1812Evansville Living put out a great article where they went in-depth on some of the unique moments in Evansville's history that helped shape our city.  Technically McGary's Landing was founded in 1812 and later renamed Evansville in 1814.

People are at the heart of any city. Our community originated as McGary’s Landing in March 27, 1812, after Hugh McGary Jr. purchased 441 acres of land. The plot is what would become Downtown Evansville, named after General Robert Morgan Evans, a brigadier general of the War of 1812 — McGary renamed the growing village “Evansville” in 1814.


Murders Most Foul Part II

Murders Most Foul was originally put on last year, but it was so popular that Willard Library is bringing it back, this time with new stories. Willard Library often hosts unique events, and this one is no exception.

I'm morbidly curious about true crime, and I am fascinated by historical true crime.  This event will feature true crime mysteries from Evansville back in the 1800s.

Step into the shadowy world of 1800s Evansville as we uncover the mysteries of true crime history. Join us for an evening of chilling tales and captivating stories in our upcoming event, ‘Murders Most Foul Part II’. Following the resounding success of last year’s program, we’re back with a new edition featuring fresh crimes and shocking narratives.

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The event is led by Willard Library Historian, Stan Schmitt.  It's said to be an immersive journey that will transport you back in time.  You can expect scandal, unsolved mysteries, notorious murders, hidden secrets, and other dark moments from Evansville's past.

Murders Most Foul Part II will take place on May 7th at 6:30. The event is free to attend, but the event is so popular that you must register if you want to attend.  You can do that here. 

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