The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival returns October 2nd through 7th this year transforming four blocks of Franklin Street from a way to get from St. Joe Avenue to First Avenue and vice-versa, to a full-blown street festival full of food booths along with carnival rides and games for the 102nd time. As you know, the event is a huge fundraiser for the non-profit organizations that set up booths lining both sides of those four blocks and sell all the delicious food that thousands of us flock to enjoy. For the second year in a row, one of the businesses that calls Franklin Street home is giving those organizations the opportunity to score even more cash, but they need your help to make it happen.

Chaser's Bar & Grill Hosting Fall Festival Giveback

During last year's Festival, the owners of Chaser's Bar & Grill handed out $500 checks to a different organization each day. To determine which organization would receive a check, they posted different organizations on their Facebook page and then asked residents to comment and share the post with the name of the organization they wanted to receive a check. Recipients included GRANTED, the Vanderburgh Humane Society, Toys for Tots, and the North High School Green Brigade Marching Band.

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The bar is repeating the campaign for this year's Festival. The first post will go up on Monday with the first check scheduled to be awarded on Tuesday. One check will be handed out to a different organization each day until the final day of the Festival on Saturday.

Keep an eye on the Chaser's Bar & Grill Facebook page during Fall Festival week to try and help your favorite organization score some extra cash.

[Source: Chaser's Bar & Grill on Facebook]

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