When it comes to taking in misplaced animals, Evansville Animal Care and Control will take in all species. While they mostly house dogs and cats, they'll also take in more unique animals that require a more specialized diet other than canned or dry pet food like five they're currently caring for.

Chances are, when you think of Animal Control, you picture the dog catcher from old Looney Tunes cartoons pulling up with a net or some type of restraining device to nab a dog who doesn't have a collar. Once they get a hold of them, they throw them into a cage and take off to the pound like they've just caught some violent criminal. But, that's not what they do at all. While they will come to take a stray animal that may pose a threat to humans or other animals, their main goal is to promote "citizen and pet safety, responsible pet ownership, and the reduction of animal overpopulation." All animals who go unclaimed after a certain period of time are put for adoption through the shelter, in case you didn't know.

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According to a post on its Facebook page, the shelter has a pig, three rabbits, and a hen that are in need of some fresh vegetables to eat. If you were fortunate enough to have a bountiful harvest from your garden this year and know there's no way you and your family will be able to it all before it goes bad, this would be a great opportunity for that food to not go to waste.

Even if you don't have your own garden, consider picking up some extra carrots, lettuce, celery, bell peppers, or any other type of vegetable on your next trip to the grocery store and dropping it off at the shelter at 815 Uhlhorn Street across from Goodwill on First Avenue. Donations can be dropped off anytime during normal shelter hours.

To see all the animals at the shelter currently up for adoption, check out 24PetConnect.com.

[Source: Evansville Animal Care & Control on Facebook]

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