Do you think you have what it takes to walk over a suspended rope bridge just inches above a variety of sharks?

Here in the Midwest, we don't have any ocean we can drive to at any time. However, we do have several aquariums that you can visit to see marine life that is found in the ocean. When it comes to marine life, there is no bigger phenomenon than sharks. Tiger sharks, whale sharks, great white sharks, and more are all fascinating creatures that leave everyone fascinated. Heck, we have a whole week dedicated to all things sharks on Discovery Channel each year. While you might think that you can only get up close with these creatures in the ocean, one aquarium in Kentucky gives you the opportunity to do just that in a very unique way.

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The Only Shark Bridge in Kentucky

Newport Aquarium, in Newport, Kentucky is home to thousands of the world’s most exotic aquatic creatures such as penguins, white alligators, a variety of beautiful fish, stingrays, and even sharks! One of the coolest and most popular things that guests can do at the aquarium is to test their bravery by crossing the Shark Bridge.

According to Newport Aquarium:

For thrill-seekers that dare to cross, Shark Bridge is the world’s first suspended rope bridge where guests can walk just inches above a variety of sharks, rays and more than 300 fish. This V-shaped rope bridge is 75-feet long and is suspended over the open water of the 385,000 gallon Surrounded by Sharks exhibit.

Now, I know for a fact that my fiancee, who is obsessed with sharks, will be begging to visit the Newport Aquarium this year just so she can attempt the Shark Bridge. I think it would be a really cool experience. However, I realize that some people would rather stay on solid ground and not get that close to swimming with sharks. So, if that sounds like you, you can walk along the top edge of the tank and see how many of the sharks, rays, and more than 300 fish you can count.

Again, this is just one of the many attractions that the Newport Aquarium has to offer. You can learn more about Shark Bridge and the aquarium itself by clicking here.

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