Look! Up in the sky!

On second thought, look away. Look away.

Throughout the first century of the television medium, it has proven exceedingly difficult for many shows to accurately and convincingly create superhero costumes. To be fair, that’s been a tough task for a lot of major theatrical movies as well, and those are typically made with budgets many times larger than the ones available for TV shows. If a movie like Green Lantern — which had a reported budget of $200 million — couldn’t get a Green Lantern suit right, what chance does some cheapo TV pilot have?

(Wait, they spent $200 million on Green Lantern? Guys, I could have made you a terrible Green Lantern movie for $20 million! Hell, you could have given me $2 million, pocketed the other $198 million, and we all would have come out ahead.)

The CW
The CW

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Anyway, you can’t always say that if a TV show has bad superhero costumes it’s doomed to fail. Sometimes some really enjoyable superhero series have screwed this up — although there are definitely examples where a really hideous costume served as the kind of Black Canary in the coal mine.

So the terrible TV superhero costumes below come from series (and TV movies [and busted pilots]) both good and bad. The suits themselves though? They are all uniformly terrible. (You heard me; uniformly! If we can’t enjoy a good clothing pun in a list of bad superhero TV suits, what are we even doing here?)

And now, let’s get to our picks for the worst TV superhero costumes...

The Worst TV Superhero Costumes

These costumes from superhero television shows, films, and pilots, were absolutely awful.
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The Worst Superhero Movie Costumes

Superhero movies costumes have gotten incredible sophisticated in recent years. But they weren’t always that way — and even today, there are still some costumes that don’t quite work out.