The days of DC Comics movies and shows being exclusive to Max are definitely over. Not long after a whole bunch of films from the DC Extended Universe showed up streaming on Netflix, a batch of DC movies and TV shows are next coming to the ad-supported streaming service Tubi.

According to Variety, the list of titles that will be available on Tubi in 2024 includes

(It may be worth noting that every single one of those DC films is currently streaming on Netflix.)

The DC TV shows that will be on Tubi include BatwomanGotham, and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

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This is a long way from the days just prior to the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, when DC actually had its own short-lived streaming service, DC Universe, which was the exclusive home of some original DC series like Doom PatrolTitans, and Harley Quinn. Warners shuttered DC Universe in early 2021 and folded its content into what was initially called HBO Max. After the WBD merger, it became just Max — and now DC movies shows are starting to crop up in all sorts of streaming places. (The aforementioned films and shows are still also available on Max.)

All of these moves are happening concurrent with major shifts to the DC Universe on the big screen. The final movie in the DC Extended Universe, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, is scheduled to open in theaters on December 22. After that, James Gunn’s new universe will officially commence with Superman: Legacy.

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