In leading up to new announcement of the new Mammoth WVH album and first single, Wolfgang Van Halen is back to destroying haters and trolls on Twitter. He even called someone a "grape" in response to one particular tweet, which set off a series of others, including a satirical poll about what his new name should be.

Crafting witty, clever responses to detractors on Twitter is nothing new for Wolfie. He's had to deal with a lot from Van Halen fans, caught between taking flak for supposedly failing to honor his father (Eddie Van Halen) because he won't Van Halen songs live with Mammoth WVH, while others instead grill him for using the Van Halen name in any capacity, as well as the group's obscure former moniker Mammoth.

It's a lose-lose scenario... for the haters, not for Wolfgang.

One Twitter user came after the multi-instrumentalist and singer, arguing, "If a person wants to make a name for themselves they wouldn't take advantage of their famous father's last name and band name. His father and uncle didn't have that. Everyone in the band didn't have that. Matter of fact, majority of current and former bands and singers don't have that."

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Obviously, Van Halen is more than just a band name, which Wolfgang made apparent when responding, "Van Halen is literally my fucking name you grape."

Why a grape? Who knows? But grapes are pretty expendable and there's always a couple mushy ones on the vine that can be discarded in favor of the ripe ones. It's so excruciatingly trivial and doesn't stoop to generic name-calling and insults. Or, at least, that's our hot take.

Continuing to blast this Twitter user, Wolfgang follows up, reiterating that Van Halen is a surname. "That good ol American rock and roll you love so much was written by a Dutch immigrant named Edward Lodewik Van Halen, not some dude changing his name to sound cool and 'rock n roll' and shit."

He later adds that the "grape" tweet was getting so many like that it's visibility on the social media platform was raised, resulting in more people saying "even dumber shit," prompting him to mute the thread.

And here is where things get really funny.

About an hour later, Wolf posts a poll, asking everyone what his new name should be, proposing names such as "Wolfgang Led Zeppelin" and others. He adds, "I really wanted to write Wolfgang Paul McCartney & Wings' but there was a character limit.

Well played.

Someone else customized the popular Batman slapping Robin meme, adding a cartoon version of Wolfgang in place of Batman, who slaps a purple-tinged person, which got a laugh out of Wolfgang.

Keep up the fighting spirit, Wolfgang!

Learn all about Mammoth WVH's new album here and catch the band on the road this year (including stops with Metallica and Pantera) at these dates. For tickets, head to this location.

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