UPDATE (Jan. 11, 2024): The Slipknot Jay Weinberg Funko Pop! vinyl collectible, along with five other new Slipknot Funko figures, has now been confirmed, according to Metal Hammer, despite earlier confusion around the toys' launch since Weinberg is no longer in Slipknot.

The new Funkos will be available this spring, with a reported ship date of March, as seen at Entertainment Earth and other retailers. The other new Slipknot Funko Pop! dolls are Shawn "clown" Crahan, Jim Root, Mick Thomson, Alessandro "V-Man" Venturella and Michael "Tortilla Man" Pfaff, in addition to Weinberg. See more info below.

Were Slipknot planning to issue a new series of Funko Pop! figures bearing the band's likenesses and featuring a figure of drummer Jay Weinberg?

That may have been the case, but Weinberg's November 2023 departure from the band has cast doubt over what appears to be official Funko images of the proposed Slipknot dolls.

And while those images do appear to be official — they leaked last year — they don't seem to align with anything currently announced by Funko. Regardless, the Funko fan page @FunkoPOPsNews on X (Twitter) posted the images of the six new rumored Slipknot Pops on Monday (Jan. 8).

But has the launch been canceled? See the Slipknot figures down near the bottom of this page.

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Late last year, a Reddit thread on /r/Slipknot suggested the series had been "canceled in light of recent events." Following the post Monday, which was then shared by other fan sites, some on Reddit theorized they will be released.

Yet it seems a bit difficult to to imagine that Slipknot would authorize the release of the new Funko Pop! figures featuring Weinberg after his exit.

Slipknot Funko Pops

In 2020, Pop! figures of Slipknot members Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson and now-former member Craig Jones were announced for release in 2021. They were part of Funko's "Pop! Rocks" line.

Subsequently, there was also a metallic Corey Taylor Slipknot Funko Pop! doll.

Loudwire has reached out to Funko for comment on the rumored series with Weinberg.

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Slipknot Funko Pop! Figures With Jay Weinberg (From Unofficial Fan Account)

FunkoPOPsNews' Slipknot figures Twitter image
X/Twitter: @FunkoPOPsNews

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