On June 28, the Warning celebrate the release of their latest album, Keep Me Fed. Ahead of that day, the three sisters who make up the band — guitarist Daniela Villarreal Vélez, drummer Paulina Villarreal Vélez and bassist Alejandra Villarreal Vélez — dove into what fans can expect on Loudwire Nights.

"I feel like this album varies in between the songs," Paulina said on Tuesday night's show (May 21).

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"We have very fun, kind of poppy-ish songs — I'll even throw that out there — but then we have really heavy songs, I feel like the heaviest songs we've ever written. There's a little bit of everything for everyone."

So far, the band has shared four songs from Keep Me Fed, with "S!CK" being the first taste of the new album.

"It depends on the song and the emotion that we want to project," Daniela added, "but definitely, 'S!CK' falls into the very fun category."

Why the Warning Are Living Out Their Dreams

In addition to discussing Keep Me Fed, the sisters were very open with Loudwire Nights host Chuck Armstrong about the successes they've achieved over the last decade of their existence as a band.

From touring alongside bands like Muse, Foo Fighters and Guns N' Roses to taking the MTV VMAs by storm in 2023 — to being selected as one of the bands to cover Metallica for the Blacklist compilation — the Warning have achieved a lot since they formed in 2013.

"We are literally living out our dreams," Daniela admitted. "These are our dreams come true."

"Where we lived the past year was the dream," added Alejandra. "So now the dreams are coming true and now we're doing more things above that. We're surpassing it. It's just really crazy."

Since reality is surpassing their dreams, Chuck asked them what their goals look like today.

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"It's so daunting to think about," Alejandra said.

"Because it's always been the same [goal and dream] for so long," added Daniela. "I feel like it's just keep growing, keep sharing our music with more people and keep writing.

"And you know what," Paulina chimed in, "keep being surprised and grateful."

What Else Did the Warning Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

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